A silly girl who's too in love with fairytales and romantic movies
whose dreams are better than her reality
who's always taken advantage of
who's been with the wrong jerks
who smiles... a lot.

who's been stuck in a bottle feeling like a Genie her whole life.
How To Save A Relationship


How To Save A Relationship


If your relationship has been on a rocky road lately, you may be considering whether you want to work on it or end it. If you decide that you want to fight for it and save your relationship, here are some things to consider and tips for how to go about doing it:


·        Is it worth fighting for? Before you put the effort in to save your relationship, ask yourself if it’s really worth fighting for. Do you love each other? Is there something good worth saving, or do you have more issues than you can even name? Do you want the same things out of the relationship and in the future? Do you have the same values? Decide if it’s worth saving before you try to make it work.

·        Find the key issues. Look past the petty disagreements and fights and figure out what your main issues are. Do you need to communicate more? Value each other more? Find out what the major issues are and then you can work on fixing them.

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There’s a difference between loving the idea of someone and actually loving who they really are.
— White Collar (via wordsthat-speak)

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How do you please a hopeless romantic lover?

I Let my walls come down for you. ♥ 
"you’re even more beautiful in the eyes of your lover." <3 selfie nako nga dili ako gahimu.. #selfie #love #art #sketch #kidsdoodle
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jea-marie asked: yaayy! Excited and at the same time nervous and scared.:)) Thank you so much jud te.:) BTW, umm, unsay requirements sa first year man te?:))

hehee no problemow! hehe hmmm about the requirements, it really depends on the teacher, wait nalang inig first day of class. hehe :)

jea-marie asked: Awww, thanks.:))) Naka-experience na ka ana te?:)

hmmm, yeah, i guess, but ako ra gi ignore ug gi kalimtan, well, we can’t really avoid those first impressions of other people, then some of them kay mag una ra ang ba-ba, ut in the end, kung magka su.od namo, ma okay raman jud tanan. ^_^ naa gani some nga imu ma close inig kadugay nimu sa college, so yeah, no need to worry, don’t be pressured with the other students. :) and oh yeah, you’ll definitely enjoy CAFA, despite the beautiful building, the new revised curriculum, did I mention there are also a lot of cuties? hehe anyway, it’s okay to admire, don’t get too distracted by them lang, make them as inspirations, para dili ka mag lisud ug comply sa requirements sa course ;) Good luck! ^_^

jea-marie asked: Wew, mahadlok man ko anang mga "sturya-sturya" te oy. HAHA. weak man gud kaayo ko, I hope makaya ni.:)))

yes, makaya rana,  ayaw kahadlok anang sturya2x oi, remember, if naai mga salbahis, naa rapui mga but.an, and eventually, you’ll really find your way to them ra. Well, normal raman sad jud na sa college life ang sturya2, you just have to ignore it. :)

I am adding color to my blog. 
To my life.
He is amazing.
He makes me happy.
I am happy.
ART IS COOL!!! ART IS COOL!!!! At the Da Vinci’s Young Masters Art Workshop. enroll now! Workshop starts on May 06. :) #art #fun #kids #summer
jea-marie asked: Makaya ra man kaha te? haha. no, BS-BIO. hehe.:))

ahw, I thought Cafa pud cya, hehe anyway. Yes, makaya rana, and I tell you, mas nindot jud inyu curriculum rn, kay mas challenging, unlike sa amu before, dghan kau kuwang, suya gani ko. but yeah, heads up lang jud, kay kaya rana nimo! and “ayaw ug pada” sa storya2 sa uban. okay? sooo, if ever naa kai concerns, you can just ask me. ^_^ thank you for that by the way. :)

jea-marie asked: thanks for the advice te!:))) hmm, therese. hehe. I hope makaya nako ang Advertising.:)) thanks again.:)))))

Hehe, you’re very much welcome! :) Kaya rana nimu uy, trust me. :))) wait, did your ate graduated sa BFA sad? or not? hehe :)


Having problems with HTML, i can’t edit my blog properly.T_T

jea-marie asked: yay. thanks for the help ate! umm, the thing that i fear the most is that i might become an outcast, because I'm not this type of person who is sosyal or fashionista, and my ate(who graduated last march too) said that "during washdays daw, murag mag fashion show ang mga students sa CAFA" umm, tanan students sa CAFA te, sosyal and mka-intimidate jud sila? hehe. And btw, congrats! :)))

hehe what’s the name of your ate who just graduated? .. hmmm all I can say is,yes, maka intimidate sila, but it really depends on you if magpa affect ka, just remember, “ayaw ug pada” be yourself lang jud, you don’t have to be sosyal just to fit in, well, let your creativity flow lang gud, like, example, if you want to wear plain shirt, you can paint some words in it for it to be quirky and unique. Besides, “WASHDAY” for a true CAFAmilya, is not about being sosyal at all, it’s about showing the unique side of you, or if you finally found a group yu can belong to, maybe you can plan it out that all of you will wear one type of color with different schemes, that’d be a fun idea to spend washday..anyway,.. just be friendly, but not too much, kay some people will just take advantage of you nya, basta, if you feel nga ma outcast ka, maybe you’re trying to fit-in in a wrong group of people, and that’s also important, you should be with the right people who you can relate to, so that you wouldn’t have a hard time catching up on plates and deadlines, I think the first day you step in the classroom, you’ll eventually know the people who you can deal with the rest of your college days and even after. But ofcourse, that feeling would just be in your first years of college, eventually, the population will get lesser and lesser every year, and soon enough, you’ll be able to mingle to different types of people in your batch, and maybe the higher years. :)) Good Luck! hehe maybe i’ll get to see you in cafa, if ever i get the chance to visit again. :)

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